About Us

SMSCentral is a service of FOCUSONE (F1), which is an SMS 2.0 platform to create your own SMS applications (services); based on the concepts of Web 2.0 that have led to creative collaboration, communications and information sharing. SMSCentral facilitates to publish information, coordinate group activities and provides a gateway between the SMS world and the Internet to empower content providers and developers to allow the creative to become a reality.

F1 is a leader in the field of mobile application software development and related services. The company delivers powerful standards based mobile application service platforms for building mobile applications. By providing creative technology, solutions and services, it aims to cater to full customer satisfaction.

F1's business objective and its mission are clearly described in its name. The numeral 1 means F1 always works with customers in unity and values its teamwork with the best technology and unique services. F1 always approaches every new project with a fresh but proven new approach with precision and attention to small details.