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Cool Converter

by Arun gautam
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It is a smart converter which converts almost any unit including area, length, temperature, volume, weight, digital storage, speed, flow rate, fuel consumption, power, time. Now supports currency conversion too (according to international rate, may not be same as of Nepal Rastra Bank).


@convert {quantity} {unit} in/to/into {unit}


@convert 10 kg into gram

@convert 10 ounces to gram

@convert 10 square km into square meter

@convert 10 km per liter to meter per liter

@convert 10 united state dollar in nepalese rupees

@convert 10 qatari riyal to npr

@convert 10 kilowatt in hp

@convert 10 days in seconds

@convert 13.5 % of 678

@convert (1/2) + (1/4)


-- It corrects minor spelling mistakes

-- It accepts input in forms of phrase

-- Easy to use since it accepts input as human readable phrase.

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