FOCUSONE SMSCentral is a platform to create SMS based applications. SMSCentral is an SMS 2.0 platform to create your own SMS applications (services); based on the concepts of Web 2.0 that have led to creative collaboration, communications and information sharing. SMSCentral facilitates to publish information, coordinate group activities and provides a gateway between the SMS world and the Internet to empower content providers and developers to allow the creativity to become a reality.

An application is an SMS service created by you and has a unique keyword that identifies it. An application is powerful and requires some level of programming knowledge, which can be hosted anywhere on the Internet and will be called by the SMSCentral platform when the service is requested by a mobile subscriber. A keyword is a unique identifier for an application and is the first word of an incoming SMS message. In short we recognize the incoming SMS message on the basis of the keyword and call the relevant application.

The SMSCentral platform provides an opportunity to an individual developer or an organization to generate revenue. Register for free with the platform as a developer, develop applications using your choice of development language, promote your application and make money on every SMS. So why wait? Get started right now.

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